How cold are you right now?


Hi fellow ILGM’ers. I live in a southern state and it is 26%!!! I am cold, How cold are you?


Here in Maine … is actually pretty warm. We’ll get up to freezing today and for a few days.

But we know more arctic stuff will return before spring and we’ll be back to 30 and 40 below zero.


My temps depend on the day. This week temps below 32°, but next week temps in50-60°. If ya dont like the weather here wait a day or hour as itll change


We where 8 degrees when i left the house at 3am
But we are heading up to 34 today woohoo and tomorrow is going to be in the mid 50s ? Lol
I’m not complaining ill take it for January in NY


it was 12 here last night but going up into the 40s today and 60s this weekend


70 yesterday in SoCal.




Right now temps in mid 20s but supposed to get to 40 today


19 for a low here this morning. High of 52 today. That’s pretty cold for the Southeast area. We’re just getting over another 4 inches of Snow and ice… Of course EVERYTHING CLOSED! We don’t have salt or other equipment to treat the roads here. Looking for 70s Sunday with Thunder storms on Monday.


Crazy temps!!! I tried adding a portable heater in the mix about 4am and blew a fuse that took out half my trailer. I like the “idea” of living in a place like Maine, but this cold snap tells me, I would not like it too much.


I was in Orlando yesterday and it was 47F when I finally got outside… I was freezing my hind parts off! Then I flew back into Providence last night, got home at 1:30am and it was 17F. I had to take the garbage out (not a fun task - I have a super long driveway)… and I didn’t feel cold at all, just a little bitterness. The humidity in the south makes even mild cold feel bone chilling. I’ll take dry and teens over humid and 30 any day.


I’m not complaining after several sub zero nights and maybe kissing 60 on Sunday. IMG_20180119_193550 :green_heart: :seedling:


Two weeks ago here on the NJ side of the NYC metro area it was brutally cold.

We had a total of fifteen days of highs in the teens and lows in the single digits.

Today we are in the low forties thank God!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Been a little cold for North San Diego County: 63 high 43 low Should warm up a bit in the coming week. Looking for 70 high 40 low.


Its warmed up here. Only 24 degrees this morning!!


Getting out of bed is a real problem for me when it is so cold. If my pup did not have to go out, I’d stay in bed until spring. :grin:


34 here this morning going to 50s today


i’m just over 60. Oh how cold it is. I think I need new glasses. It’s mid 30’s going to mid 40’s today. Plenty of cold weather left before spring.


It was 95 F here today! When we get wind coming from the desert it heats up from the pressure increase as it comes down from the 8000 foot mountains. Pretty rare to get 90+ in San Diego in January. Usually runs in the high 60’s or 70’s.

I am a bit concerned that global warming means we may not be able to grow weed outside using regular photoperiod strains. We might have to go with autoflowers in spring and fall. September is just too hot.


It was 80° here @1BigFella. Northern Santa Barbara county. We sat on the patio until full dark yesterday. It was a glorious day! Same today too!