How Close? WW Autos

Growing White Widow autos… these photos are from day 76 (next to last day of week 11). I’m thinking I have maybe a week left before harvest? While I’m not looking for total couch lock, I’m not looking for a total head high either - somewhere in-between is what I’m thinking. My plan is, starting today (first day of week 12) to just feed ph’d water (no nutes - growing in coco/perlite) for about a week and then harvest at the start of week 13. Thoughts? Opinions?


I agree with your logic, however I would just make sure you check trichs every day and at week 13 if you don’t have more amber I’d wait longer.

You could definitely flush your plants and let them just consume the rest of what is in the soil until finished (regardless if it’s longer than a week)


Sounds like a good plan and It looks like you’ll be pretty close to what you’re after. Like Bluedonut said, just keep an eye on your trichs as you flush!

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moonchild420. I too am from MD and have WW autos scheduled to deliver tomorrow :wink: congrats on a great grow. How tall did your girls get? I intend to try to grow them in a 36" tall tent. Thinking of LST to try to keep them as short as possible but very concerned I may need to get a taller tent. Any thoughts on how to keep them as short as possible? Thanks and sorry to hijack your post.

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@TripleXtraMedium mine got to about 26” tall (from soil to top). My grow journal is here:

I did do some LST. I also had one that was an odd phenotype and grew more like a photo. Had to pull her out of the 3x3x6 tent.

From the floor, I clocked in at about 39” to the top on the 2 that grew normally. I’m in 3 gallon smart pots.

Thank you 420 Child of the Moon! This helps me to prepare accordingly, there will have to be a plan b.

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@Bluedonut09 @LandShark Since I’m still a week or two from harvest and growing in coco, I added some FloraKleen to the water and have been watering to 20% runoff. How long should I use the FK? I’m thinking when runoff reaches about 200-300ppm (my water is about 220 normally) I stop using the FK and continue with just pH’d water until she’s ready to chop? If I do this kind of a gradual flush, do I still need to do the 3X pot size flush at the end?

@TripleXtraMedium BTW, welcome to ILGM! Is this your first grow? Having a plan B is always wise, as I found out! I was almost ready to kill off my weird phenotype one that got too big for my tent. But after angry chopping a few tops and sleeping on it, I found remorse. Ordered a cheaper light that’d be better than nothing and moved her into a spare bathroom. She’ll finish later than the other 2 so I’m hoping to move her back under my good lighting in the tent to finish once I harvest the other 2. I’m thinking she has the potential to be the biggest yielder of the 3.

Thank you Moonchild. Yes, first time. Glad I you are the guy I asked my first question of cause I was literally about to overcrowd like crazy!! Massive congrats on the grow thus far its amazing and healthy. I am hoping for the same but need to take my plant counts back or I’ll have the same issue in the tent.

Your grow journal is great at least the photos are…I will check back in and give a full read on each week. I am going soil for my first run, looking forward to learning and hope to have a tasty reward for all of my hard work.

Good luck waiting the last couple of days on your babies;)

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@TripleXtraMedium - I think I messed up a bit, in that I do have some yellowing of the sugar leaves… but with it being my first grow, not too bad. My understanding is the yellowing really will only effect the looks, not how the final product performs.

And yeah, I ALMOST did 4 plants when I was planning. I think now looking back, 2 is just about perfect for my 3x3. Next go, I’ll probably do 2 plants and change to 5 gallon pots.

It sounds like you have a good plan formulated. I have used FK once so far. I just used plain water leading up to the chop. As far as flushing goes there are varying opinions. Some have rituals that they carry out with almost religious fanaticism, others don’t flush at all. There are some very respected names in the hobby who will tell you that there is absolutely no scientific evidence that flushing does anything beneficial and may actually reduce yields.

I’m not trying to mess with your head on the subject, it’s just something more that you need to educate yourself on and try different methods.

And personally, I wouldn’t do the 3x pot size flush unless you used some really nasty chems!

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Wow, did not expect the amber that quick. I just pulled the lights and will harvest in 2 days (while continuing to flush). Not the best pics, but the amber is there. Should I pull them sooner?

I also flushed both until I had under 300ppm runoff.

Looks and sounds like you’ve got it under control! I like the mix of amber and milky! :+1:

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@LandShark Thanks, being my first grow, the reassurance is a big help!

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Tonight’s the night:

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Are you going to do a wet trim or wait until they’re dry?

@LandShark - the plan was to pull the fan leaves, let dry 3-4 days and then trim the sugar leaves. That plan changed quickly. It was a long night.

@TripleXtraMedium, forgot to tag you since I harvested the first 2. Did you start your grow or still prepping?