How close to ready

Any guesses how soon she will be ready


Pretty. Got pics of the whole plant?

I have the same question and myn looks similar

Both you guys - got a magnifier?

Check your trichomes.

@Jpbegin yours looks like you got a few weeks but start a thread so @K-88 can get an answer to theirs.

@K-88 you have a lonnnnng way to go.
@Jpbegin From the look of the plant I’d say 3-4 weeks at least. I wouldn’t even look at the trichomes for a couple of weeks but that is you safest bet to do if you have a loupe or a scope

Looks to be about 2.5-3 weeks

needs to go longer. to bulk and flavor up

Ya ,the buds are weighting down the branches.when they are ready do I run a couple of gal of water through and then put in dark for couple days then cut and hang to dry is that the steps.