How close to lights

so i have been watching videos mostly jc the guy with dreads or a wig. i see that when he shows various gardens in doors then some or nearly all of them have the light quite far away from the plants so do you get as close as possible or what

What kind of light? Cfl? Close… LED? Depends but most likely no where as close as a cfl. Owners manuals of lights usually give recommended hanging height.

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600 hps

Here is a thread about that.
Just click the blue link.

MH/HPS, LEC, CMH etc all generate a huge amount of heat and will barbecue the tops if you are too close. That’s why, plus late in flower some growers will reduce the intensity to help forestall foxtails. So; 30" would be pretty close.

My diy LED strips though; 5" or so from the tops right now and cranked up: one of the benefits so you get better canopy penetration. But I wouldn’t hesitate to harvest when lights are on if I needed to.