How close to harvesting?

Am still waiting for my jewelers Loupe so could only take some photos with my phone
How close are these bad girls from harvesting… Am salivating :joy:



Hard to tell, because of the picture resolution, but your jewelers loupe will tell you more accurately.

@IslandGrown76 …it was worth a try
First time growing so don’t was to harvest too esrly
I guess I have to wait for the Loupe to arrive :relaxed:

Usually all the pistils turn red orange brown and look like yhey receided inward when plant is done. Are the pistils still long and colored or most pistil look like the calyxs swelled around them

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It’s OK they will be fine

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You still have a lot of white pistils… wait for your loupe and check in about a week to see what they look like

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I agree with others that the pistils are still looking white. Your local hardware or garden stores might have loupes…might be worth a call

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Thanks guys for ur advise… Still wait for my Loupe to arrive.
@IslandGrown76 , unfortunately I live on a farm so no close shops… The Loupe is in the mail so won’t be too far away

I know the end is near so don’t want to pull too early :heart: