How close to harvest

Northern Lights auto 2 months old tomorrow. 2x2x5 grow tent Mars Hydro led. Mix a soil base with Fox Farms ocean top layer. 3 gallon fabric pots. Would appreciate opinions on readiness. Pics don’t show it, but lots of leaves are turning yellow.(

Welcomes , if we can see a picture we can tell you

That kinda picture won’t do. You need a jewlers loop at the least or a USB microscope for close up view.

Looks frosty AF!

How about an overall picture of the plant in white light and one cola by itself.

Sorry, I wrote the post thinking I knew how to upload the pics. I have more pics will try to post.

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Hard to really see the plant in that light but based on what I see you still have another 7 to 10 days.


Thanks for your response. I posted a couple other pics.

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Northern lights should look like snow covering.