How close to harvest?


A question from a fellow grower:

Hi, this AK47 is flowering for a while but I accidentally forgot to record the date so I don’t know exactly how long…
More and more of those white hairs are turning brown these days but I don’t know how long should I wait until harvest.
Is my harvest close? Or do I still have couple weeks to go?
I don’t have a magnifier. Is it necessary to tell when to harvest?
Also I am very beginner to growing marijuana and looks like I put my plant in a very bad phosphate deficiency in its early flowering stage…
Thank you so much.


It’s ready when 75%-85% of the pistal’s turn amber/brown - would harvest - looks great AK have a short flower time from 7-8 weeks


I do not totally agree with that Steve. Although that method of judging the pistils can indicate the potential for the plant to be finishing; It is the “trichomes”, that are the true measure of a plant’s maturity. What you want to see is 30-70% amber trichomes depending on personal prefeerence amber trichomes mixed with cloudy and possibly even clear; Although clear trichomes are merely a vessel in which THC is developed and stored.


Thank you for your replies both of you.
So I guess I’m going to get a magnifier today.

I’m also nervous about this plant because it just looks very different from pictures of AK-47 I found in internet. I almost don’t see actual buds on my plant because they are too internal. I’m not sure if I’m making any sense to you guys(English is still sometimes hard to me) but if you know what I mean, my question is, is it because my plant is not matured enough? or it’s because I didn’t provide her with sufficient nutrients and she’ll be like this for rest of her life.

Thank you.


Yes, the tiny actual “buds” are called calyxes. And your plant’s leaves show significant signs of nutrient problems, maybe nutrient lockouts and or toxicities. And yes, these problems can result in a lack of swelling and growing calyxes. Also these problems can result in an early browning of the pistils, or “hairs” and is not at all indicative of the THC production in the trichomes.

Also, the pistils “brown”, amber should not be used to describe the pistils. Amber implies a translucent appearance, like the mouth wash oral amber, a kind of golden color you can still kind of see into or through. The pistils actually lose their translucence when they brown or become a dull purple, red, yellow-ish or most common orange-ish, all generally described as turning brownish.

Happy growing,



hm… yes, my plant had a very bad phosphate deficiency.
I’m using “Miracle-grow potting mix” with some vermiculite.
I found some article that says vermiculite sucks phosphate out of the soil.(not 100% sure if it’s true)
also, I’m not really using any nutrients because I had no idea which ones work well.

This time I think I should get some for my next plants… do you have any recommendation for me?

Thank you.