How close to harvest to germinate GDP seeds

It’s about time to try to figure out when I should germinate GDP feminized photo seeds. 22 days into flowering. Still have approx 5 weeks to go. I have a separate room for drying. Would like to be as close to ready as I can to put seedlings in tent after harvest. I’ll be using a humidity dome, heat mat and t5 light for seedlings. Appreciate any input. Tia Will be in soil. @Covertgrower @dbrn32 et al

You could actually start them a few weeks out. If you put seedlings in tent on 12/12 they won’t flower because they’re not mature enough.


Dbrn32 got it. They won’t flower until mature. They’ll do fine in 12/12.

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Thank guys. Just didn’t want them to outgrow humid tray with 7 inch dome before the tent is clear. So with approx 5 weeks to go would I be safe starting now? Plus I dont mind veging a bit before flipping.

I’m going to start a grow journal for gdp you guys mind if I tag you in it? I know I can take top of humid dome off to so going to germ seeds today or tomorrow. Using 4" nursery pots.