How close to harvest for these girls


Another month easy

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Agree. At least 4 weeks

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Thanks for the input. I thought as much. I just checked the ladies this morning. We’ve had one night of frost already and maybe another couple nights within the next week. When the first frost was due, I carted the ladies into the garden shed and they seemed to enjoy that. I also used the 10X to inspect the trisomes. There don’t seem to be as many on the leaves but still a number of white :feelers: present with quite a few brown ones. Many yellow leaves starting to drop. Is that normal? We expect warmer days but cooler nights so I’m praying the ladies will like the sunny days ahead but they will have to be taken into the garden shed at nights. Is that a plan? The next 14 days are the same with a couple showery evenings and nights. Do you think they will not lose any THC potency within that time? Here are my ladies.

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A few more pics from today.

Question: Can anyone tell me what type and strain are these? One has a sharp “diesel” smell, one is a weird colour (yellow-orange leaves) and the other 2 are slightly sweet aroma. One self-split into 2 stalks after it formed the 3 or 4th set of leaves.