How close to am I to Harvest!

Ok folks so, I am in week 8 of flower 115 days from sprout. I am flushing this week, dry out next week, you know the rest…
If anyone thinks differently please speak your mind , I am here to learn… Bruce Banner photo.


A photo 115 days from sprout?
It looks really good! :+1:
Glad to see some pet hair in those pics, lol
When to harvest is always a guessing game or personal preference. Maybe 2 weeks more?
But that is a run to be proud of @Lost4Sure


I’d say you’re very close. Maybe a week, maybe 2. All depends on preference at this point:


A week or two longer would be my suggestion.

One photo is showing a lot of clear trichome color, you want to wait till they at least turn 100% milkey with a tint of amber in some of them.

Hard to wait, i understand…sometimes ill harvest a couple of buds dry it out and smoke it to see if it is ready…then I’ll even leave the lower buds longer and only harvest the tops.

It’s all about personal preference, and after a few grows you’ll develop your own opinions.

Happy gardening


8 weeks flower today… I am watering only this week, next week dry out…

Ok just a few days later, I’m pretty sure I’m where I want to be with these ladies… yes there is still some new growth on some lower cola’s very little… I have at this point only watering throughout this week and then let these ladies do their thing drying up!

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