How close should I put my led during flower

I have an xl 600 kind led. It’s a blurpie with 3 watt diodes anyone with some thoughs

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I don’t know that light but I have 2 600w blurple lights 113w each actual and I’ll let em get as close as 14" but I recommend you try to find some manufacturer suggestions because these LEDs are so different even when they have the same numbers on them. If you can’t find anything on it I would start kinda high and lower it a little at a time and watch them

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I have used the kind 600 light in the past it has 320 Watts best I can remember I run mine 18 to 20 inchs above canopy in flower. You can always start a little higher an lower light a little at a time and watch how the plant response. Good luck

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Okay thanks for the advice

I run a Spider farmer SF4000 and the light is just a few inches above the canopy, absolutely no issues. I have 2 old blurple lights I don’t use any longer, and cannot imagine any way to burn the plants with them, they are so weak.

I have a Kind XL600 and the recommended height is 30 inches above canopy.

I have mine in a 68 inch tall tent and have it permanently hung almost as high as I possibly can, about 53 inches above the ground. It seems to work well at that height from seedling to harvest since there is no dimming option for seedlings and early veg and I just elevate them a little. My screen is 28 inches below light and once it finishes it’s stretch I expect the canopy to be another 10 inches closer which is I find acceptable for late flowering.