How close from harvest?

Hi guys,

My first harvest, Looking at scale attached I believe I’m at half cloudy and half clear. Do you guys agree?

Thanks in advance for your help


I would say your assessment is pretty close. Although, I can still see a lot of white pistils in your picture. Wait until your pistils start receding then start checking trichs. From there, make sure you’re checking on the buds and not sugar leaves.


Got it. Thanks for your help. How long more would you say? Im asking because of feed/flush.

If you haven’t flushed, now is the time.

While a full plant pic, and better pics of flower (not sugar leaves), would help be more exact, I’d say you’re within 2ish weeks.

I agree, a couple more weeks or so…just keep watching them. Looking good and sticky! :+1:

to be honest with you, all the trichome-checking is probably horseshit. Ripeness is not dependend on the cloudiness of the trichomes, you must judge the whole plant, the leaves, the buds… its more a common sense thing than one of trichomes.

Trichomes are the glandular heads that sequester the cannabinoids we’re interested in. They are most productive on the flowers. I would always evaluate the flowers all over the plant, and harvest in stages if the trichomes varied enough. But we’re interested in the flowers. The leaves are a nice byproduct of the flower harvest, but even the frostiest sugar leaves aren’t determining my harvest window.

Outlier opinion here, but I would not flush until I was ready to harvest, based on the trichome development. Once I had the desired ratio, I’d put the plant in 24-72 hours of dark with a plain water “flush.” All I’m going to accomplish is eliciting a stress response in the plant, that might increase some terpenes. The darkness might help decrease the loss of volatile terpenes due to light and temperature.

Providing the plant with additional water, or nutrient deficient water weeks ahead of the harvest seems like a good way to sacrifice flower bulk. There’s no science that I’m aware of that demonstrates that “flushing” removes anything from the plant. There’s no science that I’m aware of that shows flushing removes chlorophyll or raphides, both of which seem to cause harsh or unpleasant ingestion.

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Ok so here is the plant no microscope.

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@CAgrower if you search for “60x microscope” on Amazon you’re gonna see a ton of inexpensive options. For $10 you can get one that holds the specimen, which is a nice feature.

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On the first pictures I used this:

Which one you think is a better option?

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Let them grow more… :+1::wink::grin:
Not enough light for your space… :grin::wink:

What’s yours opinion on this one? I would say its cloudy.

The picture, or the trichomes? :crazy_face:

Kidding, yeah looks like mostly cloudy with just a tiny touch of amber here and there. Depending on your personal preferences, and how the rest of the plant looks, I’d say you’re pretty close based on what I see. @KeystoneCops @peachfuzz what do y’all think?

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That looks like a photo of a computer screen, so it’s really hard to tell. I do not see any amber, and I spent a 30-40 seconds looking.

You can usually screen-grab at any time, if an app won’t let you export an image.

It’s looking frosty! Could have a while to go though.