How close are they…?

My plants are sooooo close I can tell…. I was thinking I should start flushing this week… can you guys give a better confirmation on when I should flush/harvest?

I was thinking flush this week, harvest next week, maybe on the 30th at the latest…?

This is only my second grow, the first one seemed to be harvested too late…

For Reference….

Strain: Sativa Scream, 3 plants
Seed Bank: Jinxproof Genetics
Lights: 2 TOAD 1200W LED, 1 GIIXER 600W LED
Tent: Vivosun
Pots: 3.5 Gal Cloth pots
Water: Reverse Osmosis
Nutrients: Fox Farms Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, Grow Big
Soil: Fox Farms Happy Frog Potting Soil

Misc. Info: there is a decent size Co2 bucket running above the plants,
A small fan on high blowing towards the canopy
An Exhaust fan on high with carbon filter attached, AC Infinity brand
Space heater running outside the tent for temperature boost

I can provide more info if necessary, just not sure what info is needed for a more definite flushing/harvesting time frame….

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Could you try and get pics in normal lights please. Then im sure there are plenty here that can help you


Please post pictures on natural light for us to help

Hey @Bizzle can you turn your flash on so we can see them girls in there full color glory?
They are looking good under any light I’m sure. When did you flip the lights to 12x12?

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Looks like you have a good bit of white hairs, but tough to tell from blurple lights.

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What everyone else said, need pics in just the natural light. It would also help if we could get pics of the trics and when you flipped.

Blurple be not good


What everyone up there said. :point_up_2:

Bad mr. blurple.

No Bueno on the Blurpo :love_you_gesture:

Sorry about that, these should hopefully be a little bit better pictures

No bizzle turn your light off a take a pic in daylight or with flash

Those last 3 pictures were literally with flash, in daylight…. I’m not sure what else to do…?

I cannot currently remove plants from tent due to SCROG netting, perhaps these pics are helpful…?

This was my attempt at getting pictures thru a jewelers loupe…. Not a very good turn out but pretty pictures nonetheless.

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I’d say u have another 2ish weeks

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When taking pics, turn the grow light off. Just use flash from camara or bright white light, with blurple turned off. Even with natural lighting the grow light makes it difficult to get a true idea what’s going on with your buds. I agree with @Dclark you still have some time before the harvest.

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Hopefully that is better… If I was going to harvest in 2 weeks time, now would be an ideal time to start flushing the soil, correct…?

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That is correct some only flush for a week some two weeks personally if I was u I’d feed another week then water for two weeks then harvest

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Flushing is a growers choice. I’ve done both and will agree with @Dclark