How close are they?

White Widow ILGM seeds. Indoor in cooler temps but it’s where I can for now. Sprouted 11/8.
Fox Farm Coco Loco spil

Noticed some yellow leaves so started 50% rate of the General Hydro liquid fertilizer in the blooming ratio in distilled water. (My tap water is pH 8.5 and 500 +ppm TDS)

Where am I in the bloom cycle? I hope the buds get bigger…!


Too many white pistols so she is still building, give them a few weeks, looks good so far, keep up the good work :smile:


Looks good! Keep plenty of light on them and go easy on the nutes and you’ll be golden.

You have several weeks to go. When the white pistils brown and recede then you’ll have maybe 2 weeks left.

Those buds will be fine. They will fatten up for you during the last few weeks of flowering.

Keep doing what you are doing.


Sweet!! Thank you! My first grow soooooooo…I know nothing