How close am I?

Ilgm skywalker & blue dream 7weeks after flipping read anywhere from 8-10 weeks they didn’t show flower till week later Got a jewelers loupe my old eyes can’t see very well what is a better scope to use and how close am I to the end? Thanks all!


I would say 4-6 weeks


november 5th …:honeybee:

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Thanks all! thought I was closer :grimacing:

Best thing is to buy a loupe and watch the trichomes on the flower. Don’t look at sugar leaves as they mature more quickly.

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This is what I got, have to almost press against the bud and hold your breath :confused: gotta be something better than this

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Maybe one of the old school ones without a light? That’s what I have and like it. Also; if you need to be more steady, clip a sample and bring it in the house. You only need a minuscule amount so just a tiny piece.