How close am I to Harvest?

I’m a first time grower and these are pics from my clones I took for sexing and then I let them go ahead and flower. The first is Harlequin and the next 2 are AC/DC.

Looks like imo you have a few weeks left you still have alot of clear

Make sure as I was told to only capture trichomes on the flower not the sugar leaves because they will turn cloudy-amber sooner than your bud trichs👍

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Mine are starting to turn mostly cloudy so I started flushing


@cdsmith12 I hope that isn’t a picture of a Sugar Leaf. Because they develop trichomes faster. I prefer to look at my flowers about the middle of my plants.

Also a pic of the plant overall and some of the entire bud. This helps judging from the pistol color and bud structure! Sometimes you’ll find with newer growers amber in top of clear which can be a sign of light placement, heat or environment among other factors. She looks pretty darn close though if all is right with her but you said these were clones used for sexing??? The clones where put into darkness to show sex, so this clearly isn’t the case with momma???


Yes I tried to stay steady as possible and keep sugar leaves out it’s much easier when I’m just looking for myself and my sugar leaves are really just starting to cloud up pretty well but I’ll keep my eye on the bud trichs I appreciate all your knowledge throughout this grow it means alot to me @MrPeat



Sorry guys wronge thread my bad🙃

So here are the pics of the 3 plants, They are all clones taken 10/7/19 to sex the host plant. I went ahead and grew them out because I figured it would give me some experience before the host come along in 4 weeks.


I forgot to tag you in my post, I added 4 pics of each plant and trichomes of 2 different bud sites each. And yes, they were cloned for sex. Thanks for looking at them

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Looking good @Shaneo420

That last plant looks like maybe 2 weeks. Still a lot of white pistils. If they went to 12 hrs on 10/7, time tells next weekend given a week for transition. I think your safe bet is one week or next Friday then flush. Let’s not forget there’s is atleast a week of preferential difference. It’s not a science and you’ll know what you like. Either way it’s a win win with whatever you choose. Your well past the “early harvest” blues…lol

So here is 9 days from the other pictures. How do you think they look now? Also, I am mainly using these to make RSO and edibles. I may smoke a little though.


Hi, I was wondering if I’m close to harvest. It’s a little confusing - too much data out there. The trichomes look pretty white, and there a few brown hairs … please see pictures. Thanks!!

Yes so you want 90% of those pistols brown then check the tricomes with a magnifier to see if clear, cloudy or some amber. 20% amber seems to be a popular time to harvest on this forum so I would trust these guys and im sure they will chip in some more advice. Good luck :+1: