How can you tell if you have indica or sativa plants out unknown bag of seed


Once you begin to flower, discontinue use of Neem oil. I could be mistaken, but I think @Bogleg has stated that a 24hr cold water soak will remove any ill effects, but Neem oil is known to foul the taste of buds.

If I’m mistaken about the source, he’ll correct me.

Your plants are looking good, but there wasn’t a clear enough picture to be able to look for signs of sex. A clear picture, posted alone to be able to zoom will be helpful.

When you take the “sexing” picture, try to get a closeup where the leaf stem meets the stalk. That branching site is where you will have the best results for determining sex.

Tops often are producing new leaf tips which can be confused with pistils by new growers. Once you learn how to spot the difference, sexing becomes simple.

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There are many more outdoor growers here that will also be of great help. If you could give us a regional location, I’m sure we could find other members in your general climate that would provide the most help with your regional needs.

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Are these better


Definitely wasn’t me. :slight_smile: I’ve never used neem oil. I’m just now getting into outdoor growing so haven’t had any issues with pests, etc. to deal with yet.


I live in Louisiana


Today I found something had been on my plant leaves so I treated it with Neem oil will post pics tomorrow


Damn, I’ll have to find out who it was, thanks, Brother…


He can do a quick search on here and find the different postings for the neem oil :grin:


Too early to tell sex
You will have to wait and see
They are still in early veg


This is a update of my lady’s and from reading other post and look at them I think they are indica plants