How can you know its day one of flower?


Please guys can you show me some exemple of day one of flowering or some advice?


Are white pistils popping out in clusters than you have started to flower


So as soon as you see this you’re day one of flower??female-preflowers-cannabis-sm


@420happygrow those are preflowers. That just means she’s ready to flower when you are.

If this is a photoperiod you can change the light schedule, or let her continue to get larger. These preflowers just means she’s sexually mature.

If this is an autoflower, I would wait until you see more pistils, but she’s getting closer.


Preflowers can show even in veg. So that doesnt really indicate dat one of flower. If it’s a photoperiod, day 1 of flower is after you flip to 12/12 and it gets a full 12 hours of dark period. Autoflowers are different, as soon as you begin to see pistols that means its begun to flower.


Thanks for that clarification @Aolelon sometimes I forget stuff.


Alright thanks yall for the info! :smiley:


My plant started looking like this a day or so ago




He looks beautiful is he auto??


Is my plant male or female??


Lol it’s a female.


Males produce pollen sacks. Females produce the buds


Ahahahahah is she* my bad i knew its a female lol but is she autoflower or photoperiod?


I have my plants just using Miracle Grow in LED lights