How can keep these plants in Limbo


How can I keep these plants from flowering to use as mother plants. They’re both clones about a month old. I definitely want the sour diesel (2nd pic)
For a mother. I know it has some of the highest CBD
Of all strains and I need that badly.


Just keep on 18-6 light schedule…forever


Light on 24 hrs. And cut nutes in half.


Correct and if you have the option dim lights I keep mothers under t5’s on diet and prune them to keep them small it’s almost like keeping your plant on life support. The low N diet makes them easier to clone and reduces growth rates reduced light slows growth as well so long as your lights are kept above 15/9 they will not flower


^ these guys!


Now that I didn’t know. Do you know why that is @Donaldj just curious?


PK are rooting nutrients N is mostly used for leaf growth a plant which is full of N has less need to search for nutrients the need to search nutrients is what drives plants to grow roots. This is why leaves tend to yellow about the same time as a cutting starts to root it is pulling nutrients from them to create roots since they are not provided enough nutrients to grow they in essence become salvage material. A plant on high N diet can take almost twice as long to root since it has stored energy to continue top growth and will use most of it before seeking more :wink:


Most rooting powders and gels are made using auxins (PGR’s) they are classed as Plant Growth Regulators these are for plants what hormones are for us they tell the plant where to grow and how. A science on it’s own and very complex but we already manipulate the plants auxins with many things we do from bending topping bloom boosters etc, most training techniques are us encouraging plants to release auxins. PGR’s are chemicals that can be applied to do exact same things grow taller wider shorter etc. some for instance can be misted on a plant to stop stretch imediately


That makes sense, thanks @Donaldj .


You could also top these plants and turn the top into a clone, then grow it slowly as @Donaldj and others have described, until ready for a new grow. Then flower these large plants for a good yield, and repeat the process next time as well, always taking the top for future grows.

By the way, the new clone doesn’t absolutely need to be taken from the top.



If you are making a mother plant simply to save gene’s as Mac said there is another trick to keeping them small and it’s super simple smaller pot :wink: A plants top growth is dictated by it’s root growth a plant in a smaller pot will hit a certain size and survive more than grow, I use this for mothers I don’t aim to use for longer durations I still feed and care for them to keep them healthy and when I want them in cycle I transplant


Super cropping will slow the growth rate down a lot too.


Yup just keep em on 18 hours veg all time :leaves::leaves::leaves::leaves::leaves:


So the best thing would be to let these grow and flower, but top them like I did last time to create the clones that these became. I guess I got lucky the last time. I had no clue what I was doing and still got 2 of each to survive out of about 10 that I tried to clone. I’m doing more autos this time so, 4 will be the most I can deal with anyway. Had to drop to 5 gal smart pots just to get 14 plants squeezed into a 5x5 area. Thanks everyone.