How can I verify that payment was completed?

How can I verify my account was paid ? Outside of the points hitting the account ?

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Never mind found the information under order - order fulfilled and paid .


Who should I notify of suspicious email ?

If you used the method thru ilgm it explains you will get an odd email from an unknown contact. Likely a non issue but dont take my word for it. I did and got same and no prob.just fyi

Im just curious what payment type did you use. I use the e check like option and never got weird emails the 2 times I got seeds

Is there any Representative that can help me confirm that everything is ok ?

Is there anyone from that department can assist me ? Any tags ?

Try @Myfriendis410 or @dbrn32 if they cant answer your questions they may know who can. If you got the processed confirmation as you mentioned your in the system and good to go. Anyday now you should get an order confirmation from ilgm. Check your spam box to. Once you get that one it’s usually a few days later you get and order shipped email from the west coast with a tracking #. At least that’s how it worked for me. These guys are moderators not direct company people. Fyi.

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Thank you :pray:

Anything that has do with an order you need to email customer service through the seed shop.

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