How can I tell sex and auto or not

I just planted a seed in soil I had found in a stash on 5/12. Last night 5/15 it started to germinate. This morning 5/16 it had popped 1/2 inch. This evening it is already 2". QUESTIONS: How do I tell if it is regular, autoflower, etc… I am guessing I need to wait awhile and also to tell the sex?

You can’t tell anything until it has a few nodes on it. Can’t tell sex until it is put under 12/12 light @jt123

How would I know if it is auto flower or not?

An auto flower will flower when it is ready all by itself. No need to change light schedule.

You can’t determine sex until it shows its first preflowers, either male or female, after about three or four weeks.

As far as I know, you can’t differentiate a plant as an auto or photo just by looking at it.

Usually you buy autoflower seeds. Where did you get your seeds? If its bag seed chances are it’s just a regular photoperiod plant. Although that’s not 100% the case… autoflowers are usually feminized already. Also you can tell the sex of a plant even if it’s not under 12/12. Most plants will show preflowers at 4-6 weeks. Though small, they can be seen with a jeweler’s loupe, and it you have a keen eye, you can tell the sex.

I had 2 seed we found in a stash so I planted them. Germinated in soil in under 48 hours and growing fast. That is why I was wondering if you could tell if its an auto flower or not before it happens? Looks like I will have to grow is as regular under 24/7 lights and wait to see if anything happens

Yea u cant tell. If it flowers under anything other than 12/12 it’s an auto. But I doubt bagseed is an auto

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well someone had to have grown it from something. hahahahah