How can i prevent mold

is there any product that will help prevent mold inside and outdoors

Adequate airflow and low humidity.


Airflow is the obvious first step. I believe you are asking of a product that helps, something over the counter a spray? There’s hundreds of products out there I have only used a couple and it was for insect control not mold, but the labels said that they help fend off molds as well. Need oil is supposed to help but it can’t be used during flower, there’s many more I just don’t have any recommendations because I have never used anything other than hydrogen peroxide and water which you can use during flower but anything sprayed on your plants can increase your chances of getting mold without good airflow because any moisture trapped in a bud or between two leaves can end up mold.
Personally I use straight peroxide (brown bottle from any corner store) I spray my entire room, pots, fans, everything before planting and 4tbs per qt sprayer once every 3 weeks or so I’ll spray down my room plants and all until flower. I only use sprays during flower if I see something I don’t like because as said above any added moisture increases threat of molds and mildew.
Apple cider vinegar is another thing I’ve seen used all the way to harvest without side effects. I’ve never used this either so I don’t know the mix. I watched a guy use it daily after finding wpm and went to harvest. Three people taste test after cure and noone could pick the buds from the plant he sprayed. He said not a sign of wpm once he started daily sprays.
I believe ilgm has a product that is labeled to help fight molds it’s in their plant protector line.
Good luck , and merry Christmas

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I really don’t know how advisable it is as a preventative measure but every 30-60 days it seems I end up with a vulnerable plant that succumbs to some kind of white mold webby growth. I keep a close eye on my plants and at the first sight of it I shower the thing in 50-50 water peroxide mist. Definitely knocks it out and keeps it at Bay for at least a week. Then if it comes back I reapply. Will turn all your pistils brown/orange.

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It’s possible that you are not killing it off between grows? I would suggest a complete bleaching either by sun or chemical. I say complete I mean complete everything down to your shears. A single spore is where it starts. Peroxide only oxidizes the mold which just keeps it from growing. This is my understanding anyway, I try to keep it out during grow then kill anything there might be between grows. I don’t know if it’s the right way but I’ve only had an outbreak once, indoors outside is a terrible place and a different puppy lol

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Problem is I haven’t had a between grows yet. Been a continuous feed from veg tent type deal. I’m not dropping any more beans though. When everything alive is dead I’m gonna shut down, deep clean everything, wait a week repeat, and repeat. For at least a month.

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I just got a free sample from Lost Coast Plant Therapy.
Will be trying that if the powdery mildew shows up.
Have not tried but I think others have.

I’ve heard that lost coast was good stuff it’s got a good price tag but if it saves your harvest it’s priceless right

They have a good sale going on too. They also send freebies.

Be clean! Use 2 percent bleach in the entire grow area, including lights etc. before you move plants in. Clean containers like they are scheduled for surgery! Keep humidity in the correct range for your temperature and that is VPD which is charted on numerous sites on the web. If you do these things you wont have an issue. If you try to keep humidity too low your VPD will not be in range, and the plants stomata will close preventing transpiration, and thus stopping growth.
Merry XMAS

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