How can I make my own medium using coco coir?

A question of a fellow grower:
How can I make my own medium using coco coir?

I am going to use Flora micro, grow, and bloom. Plus CAL-mag. Are these sufficient nutrients for my future plants?

Grow lights are a full spectrum Led

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A lot of people will people will just rinse coco and use it like it is. You should have basics covered with 3 part and calmag. A little silica probably wouldn’t hurt.


Like @dbrn32 said, rinse it well and mix 25-30% perlite into the coco. I am on my second grow ever (both coco) and have run into a cal/mag defficiency on both grows. I use the general hyponics trio and Calmagic every feeding. So, you might want to incorporate a mixture of 1 tsp/gal. epson salt into your feeding schedule every so often.
@MattyBear and @Myfriendis410 are two coco growers that have been a tremendous help along with dbrn32 and so many others. Good luck! :sunglasses:


@HappyHydroGrower is dead on. I will only add that we see new growers trying to build media or soil without having experienced the joys of growing cannabis. In my experience it’s better to get a grow or two under your belt to see just what the challenges are and work from that.

Coco and Promix (peat) are both great media and done right will yield better than soil (for me). Very forgiving of watering but you do have to stay on the nutes. If you don’t have one, a PH meter (a good one!) is a necessity as you will be providing everything for them.

Use a good DTW schedule (drain to waste) and keep your TDS around 900 ppm in veg and around 1.300 ppm in flower.


I buy roots organics original potting soil, which is amended coco & perlite soil.

There is also a recipe posted by @garrigan62

If you go plain, I have seen some people go 50/50 perlite and coco.

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