How can I keep my plant in veg - NSW

I gotta question. If I have a 4 week old plant that is still vegging 18-6 off peak (lights are on at night). Can I take my plant outside and keep it in veg? Or will it change to flower?

Someone told me I should supplement light with an outdoor solar light to prevent flower?

Daylight hours where I am are just under 13hours at the moment on the east coast of NSW, Australia.

Thank you!

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it should be fine, as the days are getting progressively longer and quickly, just try and time the lights a bit more like what its going to be like outside…:grinning:

they will flower until april, so if the roots have room they will grow big through the summer

sorry bud , welcome! im in NSW too.

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Another Aussie, I’m from South Australia, welcome to the forum.

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Im in CA, USA. My advice would be to put supplemental light on the plant that mimics the longest day of the year. Once that day comes, stop the supplemental lighting.

By putting out now you run the risk of having go into flower then reverting back to veg.

This might not sound too bad, but the buds that formed could start to die off and cause bud rot later in life. My .02, I am an outdoor grower.


Can you bring it in every night and provide supplemental lighting there? This is what I do and it works really well and reduces theft worries as well.

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