How can I get the same amount of yield as outdoor growth? (Light theory)

Exactly! Going a bit off topic, but this is the reason gram per kwh is a much better efficiency model than gram per watt.


Bigger plants generally mean bigger harvests. So long as they have proper care.


I agree, just out of likes.

All the light, water and co2 in the world is only going to produce so much on a 12” single cola plant. This is why breeders project harvest data per area and not light potential. A full 3x3 will have more yield potential than a 2x2. In terms of what it takes to fill each area, more veg time or more plants. After that, it’s up to grower to maximize conditions of said space.


Of course time would almost solve the equation. That would make sense.

Ive been reading about c3 photosynthesis in take as well. Do you think an increase of co2 (higher than the measurement outside) with tempertures remaining at a constant rate, a slight increase in humidity, no diseases, or pests, slight increase to available food, larger grow area im thinking around 10 - 15 gallons or 3 or 4 ft growing area.

For one plant or two with a veg time of 4 months or longer will do the trick?

And what is kcal?

In what respect? You m guessing you’re talking about kilocalories? It’s a unit of energy.

The biggest determining factor with the difference additional co2 will make will be your light levels.

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Thats crazy how much you knoe about light is there a book i can read up on it?

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I’m sure there’s several. But I would just kind of break down the difference aspects of lighting our plants and kinda learn as go. That’s all I’ve done.

Just chiming in here as an outdoor grower before my plants went into flower they were over three feet tall now closer to four after the stretch (super cropping for the win) but I started from seeds back in march I believe veged inside until may when I put them outside. So mine had a 5 month veg time and still have until at least October until harvest. Granted there’s no problems

Dang so that means 7 months veg time.

Yea pretty much then growing that long you have to contend with space limitations indoors where as mine are in the ground outdoors with only the limitations I put on them I’m in a non legal state but hopefully that changes before next year

Right i think it wouldn’t be stupid to put them inside of a 30 galllw trash can at all huh?

With Autoflower and indoor you may have 3 crops in the same time

That could work but you would have to factor in how much height that would take up indoors
@southbound I’ve never grown autos and really just started indoors so I don’t know what yields are like on autos but I do agree you could have three grows in that time but would the yields be similar

Or the quality

Hmm i might do that then

Do two regularly then one with this theory

Hahaha!!! Look what I found!

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ok. realistically, are you wanting to recreate outdoor conditions inside? or do you want to maximize your indoor yield?

those are different goals and both are challenging. I just started growing and im doing simply because its fun. its a hobby for me.

there are many here that grow indoors to maximize yield and quality.

If you consider your goal you may find a more clear way to achieve it.

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besides there a ton of fun tecniques and approaches that will provide great yields like soil, hydro, aero, cfl, led, mh/hps, scrog, top, sog, mainline, fim… you can play with endless combinations for enjoyment and productivity.

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The goal would be to mimic the yield of outdoors with the same quality is indoor @basementstealth


ok. i get it. to put it in my own words. you want to maximize indoor yield and grow quality. thats what its all about.

if you dont mind, i would like to make a recommendation. others have said they do not want to discourage you. I also do not want to discourage you, but i would caution you. From your post it appears that you want to find your own way to achieving your goals. that will require a significant about of work and is basically reinventing the wheel. You may come up with a better wheel, or not, but the main issue i see is that if you do something no one else has done it may be difficult for anyone to help you.

we all want to help. thats why we participate in this community.

try first to setup your grow according to the known best practices and then experiment by changing single variables per grow and measure and compare yield/qualities from one grow to another. then you will know if your innovations are effective or not. if you redesign the whole setup from ground up it will be difficult to troubleshoot and also difficult to know which variables made the impact you are looking for.

i like your energy and creativity. i think you are going to love cultivating cannabis

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