How can i get the Plants to go back from flowering to growing again?

I’m growing Outside. And sometimes (especially Nth. Lights) start flowering way to early. But the Daylight is still going longer yet. I wonder how i can get my Lady’s back to growing? :thinking:
Can someone please let me know thanks :seedling::christmas_tree:
Ps. Merry Christmas everybody! :hugs::+1:

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I don’t grow outdoors. The beauty of being growing indoor. You can control it so much easy. More light it has aka say 18 hours a day will keep it in a Veg state. Now when you get to say a 12/12 light it will cause the plant to start pre-flowering. Then to outright flowering.


Are you starting the plants indoors?

One possibility is the plants are getting a shock during the transition to outdoors. Making sure the indoor day length is synchronized with the natural day length is important, but unlikely to be the culprit here. It’s also smart to bring plants outdoors for a few hours a day for a week before you’re making the full transition.

Are you sure your plants are getting 14 hours or more of light every day? Are you 100% sure they are photoperiod plants and not autoflowers?

Piggybacking on what @MrPeat said, often plants will show sex without fully initiating flowering. Are the buds stacking up, or are they sparse?


Thanks @KeystoneCops and @MrPeat
Yes they are normal fem. Seeds.(unless ILGM got my order wrong).
Every thing that you mentioned is Okay with my growing Lady’s.
Could it just be, the crazy weather we had in Ozy? It’s now the start of Summer. And the weather was all over. One day it was ++40C* then the next day down to ca 20C*. :hugs:
I got 6 different Strains going.
Nth. Lights, Skywalker OG, Hindu Kush, Pure Indica, Afghan and Auto Amnesia Haze.
All the Ladies are doing alright.
The strange thing is that only the Nth Lights started flowering early. They get all the same treatment and are at the same spot.
The Nth Lights do grow and behave like they where Autoflowers. Oh well, no real problem. It’s just nagging me, why there growing so funny.!!! :hugs:

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That is a nice selection to be growing. My NL didn’t get big but what I did get off her was tasty. It acted like some Autos I’ve seen posted here. Depending on which parents of NL you have could play a part in what is going on.

You are perhaps right about the Nth Lights. They seem to always be different from seed to seed. Once i had a monster. It was like a tree :deciduous_tree:. But that comes when you grow outdoor. You gotta take the good and the not so good. :joy:. Each year is kinda different. Which is cool. :seedling:

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I haven’t got any more of the NL since I wasn’t impressed with the dried weight. I like the strain but when I grew her my light wasn’t enough. It did get me pretty baked.

Yeah thanks. I’m looking forward to smokin it!! I never had the Hi. Kush, P. Indica and Afghan. But my favourite so far is Nth Lights!!!
It just does it all. :star_struck: May you have a Strain that you would recommend? Cheers

I had one I picked up in Denver called Afghani and it hit like a freight train. So I will ask this question? What are you wanting from a strain? Are you using it for a medical condition or are you just a regular person that just likes to get high?

No, I’m not making any judgement for why you are wanting to smoke. It just helps me point you to strains I’ve really enjoyed.

Hah ha. That’s ok. I love smoke that like you said. Hits you like a train. Or in my words gets me to cloud9 or space. And i love to sleep well. :sleeping:

I will let you know about the other ones, once i get to taste the Lady’s

But recently i also like to smoke sativas

So some heavy hitters I’ve had is Grape Stomper, Trainwreck, Bubba Kush, Afghani and that is off the top of my head.

I’m not at home till Jan 1st but I have a nice seed bank. There is so many strains that will destroy you. Another thing you can do when you have a few strains and mix them together in a Salad Bowl. It’s one way to get knocked off your rear.

Amnesia Haze should also accomplish it. If you don’t know about Leafly, it’s a great site for finding about a ton of marijuana strains. I always use it to see if it has any reviews on the strains that peak my interest.

If you see one with say 1000 reviews you can take the reviews and take it to the bank and cash the check.

I’m always Leary of reviews when only a handful have written about it.

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Does anyone know how to stop the plants from flowering, when one grows outdoors?

Thank you for your information

To stop them from flowering is that it requires a lot of hours per day of light. There is plenty that do grow outdoors but it has also a lot of problems that can go wrong. Inside,…a light schedule of 18 on and 6 off will allow it to Veg for as long as you want for a Photoperiod plant. When you want it to flower you drop it to a 12/12 schedule.

I wouldn’t grow outdoors where I live if it was legal. To high of a RH% which can range from 50% to 100% every single day for almost 9 months per year. I live in the South just 22 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

They do have a section for Outdoor Growers.

I might try Trainwreck. I read it got a high yeald

There is several versions of Trainwreck. One is called Purple Trainwreck. Sweet Trainwreck, and also BlackBerry Trainwreck.
These are listed on my source for seeds.

Where i’m from, it’s great for outdoors. Plus the LAW in Ozy is like not legal yet. But growing outside is kinda ok. But for some funny reason, if you grow inside under Lights you’re in some shit. I guess it’s seen as a Production!!! Get that? It’s how it is. It’s ok with me.

There are definitely growers here from the land of Oz. With it being a couple days from X-mas the site isn’t a hopping like it normally does.

I’m in the US and my State treats marijuana as the hardest core drug in the world. They believe marijuana is the gateway to cocaine, heroine, meth, crack and every other illegal drug.