How can I get the most out of a plant with no height limitations?

If you do not have a limit on height indoors, what is the best method to achieve harvests that I have heard of, of outdoor harvests putting out 4 lbs in yield per plant because of no growth limitations. I have heard of one method that said that professional growers, when no limitation on space, will wait for the plant to achieve 90 cm in growth and then cut at the first node down. I am not sure exactly the science behind it, but that is what I read. Any tips on how to get the most of a plant with no height limitations would be great! Thanks!

Plant seed, water and pray?
There are to many variables to answer that question.


Just do not prune at all basically?

Hi by the sounds of things ur growing photoperiod plants you can let them veg for longer and if you use the fimming method you can end up with up to 6 new branches from one fimming and its less stressful on ur plants or you can top ur plants aswell and doing lst training will help with bigger yields and bigger buds

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Okay, so I read about fimming and I could not make sense of it, how do you only cut off 75% of the tip of the plant? Like a diagonal cut so that it alters the plant to branch out more and form new growing sections from the pinch?

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So basically where you would normally top u would cut that top in half instead of cutting it off the main stem. I would watch some videos on fimming aswell thats what i did

Hey @BudzMS how ya going fam i just trimed up my purple lemonade auto i got two and half ounces from it not much but still good smoke

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going good, how about you? 2 and half ounces is good in my book lol

Yah i dont mind aswell its enough for me and besides ii dont smoke alot i only smoke at night and even then i only have two cones and thats it i still have a gorilla glue drying so far ive gotten a ounce and half from the first few tops i took off im jist waiting to find out what i got from the rest of the good i had covid and I’ve got what they call long covid so even thou i don’t have covid i still have symptoms like i didnt have any breathing problems with covid but i do now after i had it ive ended up with pleurisy mild chest infection but all good now still have pains in the chest from pleurisy but slowly getting better

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An interesting question. It makes me wonder about the logistics of growing a tree of cannabis inside. Indoors in our grow space we do everything possible to get the canopy level so the light distribution covers the buds with the best level of light to grow. Outside a 10 foot tall plant is getting the same level of light at 12 inches from the ground as the parts up at 10 feet because the sun is 93 million miles away and there is no difference in light intensity at either level. Indoors with artificial light it is not the same. It may take multiple panels and a lot of side lighting to grow something with no height limit. I am curious as to what kind of space we are talking about. And I wonder if it may be more productive to just keep the plants shorter and well lit like all indoor growers do.

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for lit do you mean like lollipopping? Well, I am just trying to see if there was some advantage to being able to have my light 8.5 ft above the ground at the very highest if needed to perhaps grow the plant bigger for a larger harvest with some fimming applied to each of the plants.

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What I am wondering is how much light will drop off because of distance.
As you see from this illustration, light does not drop in a linear manner. Inverse square law is what you will deal with. Twice the distance means 1/4 light intensity. 4 x the distance is 1/16 the intensity.