How can I ensure my cannabis plants don't start premature flowering?

A question of a fellow grower:
How is a good way to ensure my cannabis plants don’t start premature flowering, when I put them outdoors in the Spring?

Keep your lights at 18/6 And Welcome to ILGM Come join our community we have a lot of down to earth fokes who call this their second home here now including myself … lol


I started out following advice about how much sun to give seedlings from these pages only to figure out that much of the info was coming from indoor growers who didn’t pay attention. On top of that is the rookie want to give a plant EVERY advantage and winding up giving too much. Every time I tried to mix indoor lighting supplementation I got pre-flowers! It didn’t seem to matter how much, anything more than natural followed by natural triggers flowering. Sooo now I use no artificial light. I move my propagator around during the day for varying amounts of direct sun with none to begin with (all indirect shade) and then a little direct sun after the second set of leaves and progressively more direct sun until three sets of leaves, then direct sun full time. You must watch the propagator very carefully as even indirect sun will overheat it very quickly. Changing the amount of air flow, even to the point of sliding the cover off partway for more air flow is necessary to control the heat. You don’t want them getting over 90F. but they love it in the 70’s and 80’s with humidity above 50%. (add water to the troughs of the propagator to increase humidity. Don’t underestimate the power of shade!! My light meter shows a max under T5 at about 500 lumens while even the darkest overcast day produces more than that and at an overall color temperature spectrum. Typical “gray” day here renders over 1500 lumes! in the shade! Sun just peeked out…gotta go move the propagator!

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