How can i dry my soil without disturbing my plant


Hello im a newb when it comes to this site and growing…but i got somr samples of elite hydroponics nutrients and i was my small almost medium plants 1 gallon each of water a day…so i did and i realized it was too much water now im trying to figure how i can dry out.the fox farm soil and bring her back to life…please help


No expert here, but try lowering your humidity a tad bit or raising the temps a few degress. I use fox farms with chunky perlite and I poke plenty of holes in all sides of pot for aeration… Try adding a little more air… It all depends on how big the pot and plant is how much water it will suck up. I give about a gallon to my medium to large size plants in 5 gallon containers


Probably goes without saying but get rid of any standing water if the pot is sitting in any. A shop vac will work if you can’t lift the plant for some reason. Otherwise, I’d just let it dry. Don’t water again until it needs it then pour slowly. Easier to add more than take it away.


Just what the doctor ordered above… fans, Heat and time