How can I acidify soil that's already growing weed?

I tossed an OG Kush seed in a 5 gallon planter that was sitting on my patio. To my surprise the damn thing actually sprouted! Now that it’s going I feel compelled to nurture it, but the dirt is pathetic. According to my wife, it’a about 60% Miracle Gro, 25% cow manure and 15% sand. I stuck a PH meter in the soil and it’s over 7. Will watering with PH 6 water fix the soil PH?

You are going to have a hard time managing pH with Miracle Grow in the mix. I would get it in a good soil that is pH buffered for cannabis.

It sounds like you are using one of those 3-in-one meters. They aren’t a reliable way to measure pH.

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It’s still just a seedling so I could move it easily, but the soil seems awfully loose so I’m concerned about keeping the soil around the roots intact when I transplant. I guess I could just wet it thoroughly and take a bigger chunk of dirt than actually necessary. Yes, my soil tester is a 3 in 1 meter.

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