How can a 420 fan from China buy seeds at the store? Please come back to understand Chinese, thank you

I am in China, how to get seeds, these seeds can cure many diseases. And China is not in the mailing area, is there an angel who is willing to help me solve this problem?
English is not my native language. This is translated by translation software. Please understand possible grammatical errors.

I can pay in Bitcoin. I can see that the mailing area of the store does not include China. Can an angel help?

I think they ship world wide @garrigan62 may be more help

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China doesn’t play when it comes to the war on drugs. They may make u disappear. I would recommend u do not grow in China. Got ur back bruh. Go to Thailand

Wow learn something new everyday didn’t know china was that strict


But u can drink like a fish if ur disabled

Hey @basementstealth how do you tag someone to a thread?

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First, know the person’s name. Like Joshawa. Then type a @ sign. Then start to spell the person’s name like @josha it’ll pop up with the closest spelling of a forum members name. Then u select the person’s name from the list. After that it’ll be tagged to them like this @JoshawaM

Ok thanks i thought that was it but wanted to make sure thats what that was lol

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But if u want ur messaged to be linked as a reply to a previous message you need to click the “reply to” curved arrow. Then it should come up with a new message and the person u chose to reply to should have their name at the top left of the text box to write the reply.

Wait a minute. U just tagged me. Why are you asking :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Because i haven’t ever been a social media person lol wanted to make sure i was doin it right thats buddy

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That was supposed to be thanks not thats lol🤔

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U know this is my first time in a long time being a social media person

Xièxiè nín de huífù nǐ shìgè tiānshǐ


Thank you for your reply, you are an angel.

Is that $80 a piece?

go to North Korea, its legal there and always has been…its all the other stuff in life that is illegal there…who woulda thunk it.:astonished:

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give me your wexin.

Hello do you understand?vx ye___945