How big were your fist Auto’s?

I just recently started growing my very first batch of auto flowers and noticed that they are very small,so my question is how big were your first auto flower plants?

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image they started small and ended up with 4 oz on one and over 5 on my second auto and I’ve had them where I got a 8th off a whole plant dry what strain are you growing



They will be nice how old are they they will stall or at least look like it possibly in the first few weeks because it’s growing roots to hold that beautiful girl up I got over 6 oz off my last 2 blueberry but I had everything go just right it don’t always happen like that @Weedchef

As of right now they are 2 months old but I feel like I have messed up and over feed with nutrients…I also had them in the same pot the whole time they were growing from seedlings.image

They will be fine I noticed when I have them on a 12/12 light schedule they seem to be a lot happier getting the rest they need

I have them in 16/8 because I have other flowers growing

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That’s perfect whenever you do end up flipping the switch to flower your other girls you’ll be perfect under 1212 as well

This is a WWA that I let grow natural after one pinch. I had to tie the branches gently as it grew into the lights…

I should have netted and trained but … Oops


Everything depends on genetics. In my limited experience, ruderalis tend to be smaller plants.
I had an auto 1 foot high (left) that put out 1.5oz while having another go 3.5-ish feet high (right) that put out about 4oz. Those were different strains. I’m have one going now that’s small so I’ll probably swear off autos for a while and stick to photos after this one lol. Some people can get them to rock, but not me I guess.



Wow those are super tall and look really nice :ok_hand:t3:

White Widow Auto, outdoor grow

Just harvested 4 days ago (2 weeks early) due to bud rot.


This is the right plant.


I LST’ed mine. I have a final grow of WWA 2 weeks into flower. Plan to harvest 2nd week in Nov if they survive whatever ailment they have. Those are no less than than 30" tall. I let those go natural to see the effect on bud size, I don’t think I am going to like the results. By FIMing them and training them, I was able to dictate where the growth went.

The plant in the table i see… what are you using for light? @ElectricJack

A Viparspectra 700w dimmable. That girl was grown right next to the one in the other photo.

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Am I reading this right? That one white widow Auto plant there? Wow you r an amazing farmer!

I had a couple Northern Lights Autos

They were my first experiment with autos. Didn’t do bad per se the shorter plant was 24 inches while the other was 32 inches. Between the two I got just over 3 1/2 oz’s I have since gone to outdoor photo & wow I have colas that are averaging 2 1/2 oz’s each also they are wet weights right now for the colas, + that’s dry weight for the NL


Those are some beautiful buds

I like very nice harvest and great job