How big of a solar power system?

How big of a solar power system would I need to run a fully supplied grow room (11x11x8) with power 4x300w led lights being the main draw with 5000btu portable ac dehumidifier fans ect? I’ve tried to calculate it myself but I’m getting confused on conversions and the likes… Anyone care to help?

You can measure the wattage your system uses with a Kill A Watt meter. Calculations should be relatively simple after you understand the wattage used.

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I have 25 panels and it runs my whole house and still exports a bunch back to the grid (which the power company buys from me). But this also depends on the weather. If you get a storage cell you probably wouldn’t use any power from the grid. Right now it’s rainy so I’m using some power from the grid.


There’s quite a bit that goes into system design if you are looking to be off grid. On grid system like Bobbydigital has is easier to layout, but still takes some special considerations. What is available resource where you live?

Also, how healthy plant canopy do you plan to have? Four 300 watt lights may not provide results you’re looking for down the road. So may want to look at having larger system than initially appears.

These 4 300w sunraise LED’s are equivalent to 4 1000w hps’s… Going to have plenty of light… The sun is about the only available free resource lol… I plan on growing auto flowers… 20 hour light cycle… So I need a system that will run 1200 watts/hr plus ac dehumidifier fans ect for 20 hours without draining the battery…

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@dbrn32 is the SANAN SMD3030 diode a good diode in terms of efficacy? It’s what the Sunraise is built with. They claim 300w power draw on the OP’s model, but I am skeptical given that Sunraise is also a burple manufacturer.

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Max ur looking to flower out a space with all 4 loghts to have a descent coveragge is about a 6x6 or 7x7 max. Led requires 35 to 50w psf of canopy coverage 35 is if u have top quality lights. (Hlg synce budget rayon led ect) sunraise will fall under the 50w psf. If u r looking for nice dense buds otherwise u will have some loose airy buds. Good luck hope u figure out a solution. @BobbyDigital whats it run roughly to have the panels installed like that to run the whole house. Hit me on my thread if u dont mind and have the answers to this.

Highest performance i could find in any of their 3030 products was 130 lm/watt according to manufacturer. Is not to say they don’t have better products, but that’s best I could find. That is around what hps runs.

I’m just catching up on my reading and saw this conversation. Im really curious as to the reasons you want to do this solar power for the growroom.
Do you simply want to offset the cost of electricity?
Are you wanting to power an outbuilding away from your house?
Do you not want your electric to show a regular bump at the same time each day?
Might help focus the conversation better.

It was $33k for ours. I put $15k down so it cut my panel payment in half. Our electric bill is usually around $350-400 this time of year and has been around $170 since the panel install. So with the panel payment and electric bill it’s been around $230.


Yes… Away from house off grid :shushing_face:
@Mark0427 Small building… 8x8 lighted area is what I planned…
@MidwestGuy Got a gromie that has a a qb3000 and does really well… Obviously not elite lighting but will do with my budget…

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So maybe like a 5kw system for something like that? Would that be big enough?

So your house uses 3.4 KW an hour prime time? Would 1.2 kw/h be a suspicious draw?

It’s usually around 4.6kw with the central air going. Can be up to 7 if the washer and dryer are going too. And no, 1.2kw isn’t suspicious. A small space heater can draw 1.5kw

@BuddyJaguar Dont forget that a wind turbine in addition to a solar panel or 2 can completely cover your needs if you’re willing to get a couple batteries (deep cycle) and have a storage bank…don’t forget the downtime that growing requires I.e. nighttime (even if it’s artificial)….this is a great way to always maximize your system to be powered and ready to go…start with solar generators and fan out in your options to adapt them to your wattage needs….this ultimately is why you’re considering solar is cost and efficiency….good luck hope this helps you :sunglasses::call_me_hand:t2:

Thank u sir