How big of a jar is too big

Hey everyone, first time growing. How big of a mason jar is too big? Is there a reason to go with smaller ones? What size does everyone use? Thanks

Big mouth quart for me.

Depends on how much bud your going to store. :grin:
I use the 1.9 l wide mouth but have a few smaller ones I’ll use for daily.

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I know some around here use gallon jars after they stabilize their buds

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I’ve cured in rubbermaid tubs, the key is not to fill whatever you are using and include a moisture packs and or burp em stirring a little to make sure the middle doesn’t stay to wet and get mold. Once it’s completely cured you can consolidate to reduce number of jars

No size is too big. It’s all about the environment. Think about large grow ops; they’re not curing 30lbs in jars, lol.