How big is the minimum size of pot you need to grow a auto flower plant

First plant still hanging, not yet trimmed, estimated at 2 oz (GSC). Estimated trimmed bud.

GSC went 36" tall in 3 gal pot.
BB approx. 32" at week 8 flower in 3 gal. pot (higher yield than above, not yet ready).
GG4 approx 36" at week 4 flower and still stretching in 3 gal. pot, longer veg., bigger than other two.

Thats cool im hoping for 2oz per in 3 gallon fabric pots…im just concerned bout the 48 inch heighth restriction i started lst on one few days ago trying to jeep it low and bushy…

I’d agree, tie the babies down. My tent is 6’ tall but the lights hang another foot and the pots are elevated on the floor area. Anything bigger than 4’ is going to get close to my 350R led and get burned.

Next run will all be lst

I personally feel as 3 gallon pots are the perfect size for autos the bigest i personally would ever go is 4 gallon pot if those are even a thing haha

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Closest they can be in flower is 12 in right?

depends on the light source, sounds like 12" is too close to the light but some of mine were close to 6" from the weaker lights with no real damage.
Went from Sf1000’s lights to HLG350R lights in the middle of a grow. The higher wattage lights did burn some leaf tips so they required dimming for the taller plants.

What light you using in what size tent?

Vivosun vs1000 with samsung diodes…4 inch inline exhaust filter out into a carbon filter, running 22/2 light schedule as well as fan 24/7…in ffof…havent started feeding yet as im waiting till 5th or 6th week once the ff ammendments are used up…then i will be started advanced nutrients micro grow bloom , along with big bud. My ph has been between 6 and 6.5 watering 32 every 2 days

Im in a 2x2x48 tent

Lights similar to my old Spider Farmer sf1000’s i ran.
Not sure how far your plants are along, but most of the growth occurs the first 3-4 weeks of flower with the autos i’ve been with, then they kind of peter out in total height.

There are exceptions, i had a gorilla glue auto that didnt flower until the 8th week, she grew in all dimensions with her long veg. state. She may hit 48", still growing, biggest i’ve grown yet.

Short tent, stick to short plants (indicas). What strains you got going?

I’d lower the led lites to slow the rate of stretching.

Thats a good idea ilk lower them…what u think 12 in from canopy…the bigger one is 24 days above soil and the small one is 17 days above soil seems to be vegging longer i suppose…im not a fan of indica dom. strains as i have 2 sour diesel which is 60/40 sativa dominant

12" from the canopy seems safe. a 1000w led typically only draws 100 watts and doesn’t make too much heat, maybe you can tie up your lights with wire and gain a few inches, maybe run a small fan over the lights to aid cooling. You might need those extra inches.

Right now heat hasnt been an issue 72 at night and 78 during day i thought bout zip ties for the light but i dunno didnt wanna just rig something up want all this to be legit…i lowered it to 12in i got a fan goin in the tent to so tryin to gain advice to succeed hope i can keep it short with training

You still have time to find out if you need to reconfigure something, in the meanwhile, strap them down.

If the plants get too tall you can always trim the height, but that would be sad.

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I tied down the main stalk hopefully to break that energy distribution and create more colas and decrease height i will keep em tied down as the grow to the edge of pot

In the meanwhile you might want to study up on hst for the future if the growth persists beyond your tent.
I’ve read that hst is tough on autos but there must be insight from other members here.
Maybe a SCROG or topping?