How big is the minimum size of pot you need to grow a auto flower plant

Would a 4 gallon pot be big enough to grow a auto flower plant from seed to flower


Yep I’d say 3 to 5 gallon. I usually use all 7 gallon and get nice size plants 7 seems a bit much for autos tho

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Definitely not a 1 gallon. I’ve got a 2½ foot tall auto in a 1 gallon and I’m feeding it twice a day some days. @Mark0427 got ya


Yeah I tried fems in 1 gallon and got baby’s. I’m not a fan of the small pots. They don’t do me well. Lol.

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I do 1 gallon and 2 gallons pots for autos lmaooo, savings space

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Just a sample lmaooo

Thanks everyone for the feedback I definitely appreciate it I’m currently using a 6 gallon pot and it just seems a little excessive first time iv ever done a auto flower plant I have a lot of wasted dirt at the end that ends up in my dirt bin cause I like to start each grow with fresh dirt

Still learning all the rope’s iv just started my third grow so far not bad I learned a lot from each grow I’m currently growing a purple Haze plant after it’s ready to be harvested I’m building a bigger room and in the meantime I’m getting different auto flower seeds and that gives me a few months to get everything ready for a auto flower grow

These are in 2 gal fabric pots, seem to be working well enough but I have to water every other day.

I’ve been using 5 gallon fabric pots but I think it’s just wasted space as these autos rarely grow very big. Switching to 3 gallons after this grow and will see if there is any impact

I use 2 - 3 gallon pots and have great success. The root system on autos is not extensive .
I have grown 2 foot tall loaded with flowers autos.

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I used 3 gallon pots on my last round of autoflowers with great success but I was watering every two to three days, this round I went back to 5 gallon pots to see if I can stretch out my watering routine a little bit. I just felt like I was bordering on Coco growing as often as I had to water in the small pots. I kind of think that feeding every two and a half days is one of the reasons I had really good luck in 3 gal pots. Let’s just say I’m still experimenting with pot size.

3 gallon works great for me.

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There is really no minimum pot size for anything. There’s people here that grow larger plants in solo cups than a lot of people do in 3 gallon or larger pots. Will always come down to knowledge, experience, and what you’re trying to accomplish.

A 3 gallon fabric pot is a good middle of the road choice for indoor growing.

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Yup. I’m about to embark on a solo cup challenge Autoflower. :v: because nothing teaches you how to read (or kill) a plant like keeping the pot tiny.


I use a five gallon fabric pot and i get big autos using five gallon fabric pot

Does it decrease yield in small pot?

I grew my first 3 autos in 3 gallon pots (in a 2x4 tent). Last week I harvested the first of 3, hung it up to dry, took the fabric pot outside to remove the base soils to inspect the root ball.
The root ball filled the entire 3 gallon pot and had some roots grow through the bottom. The plant growing did well, but next time I’m going up to 5 gallon pots to allow that root ball to get bigger.
Small roots, small plant.
The last thing i want in the future is a root-bound plant.

The more the roots can grow, the more the plant can grow.
Then again, plant size depends on where and how it’s grown.
If your indoor tent is only 48" tall, i would not plan on a pot bigger than 3 gals (for an auto) or it’ll outgrow your tent.
A small pot will produce a small yield.
A larger pot will allow the roots to expand, and everything above will rely on whats in the soil.

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What was the yield per plant?