How big are your ladys in august? Lets see them!

I believe the farther north you are the earlier they flower.

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Larry’s Sour Lemon right on schedule . Photo plant 50-55 day flower.


just raised the roof to 9ft

2 Banana Kush in the middle are 10ft in the big greenhouse


10 Purple Dreams. Tallest is just under 7ft. One topping per plant with a ton of LST.
Still waitting on a few to slide into flower. :slight_smile:
Happy growing…


first year grower here in Ontario. Lineup is
Hso gorilla breathe x2

Hso mango sapphire


Manifolded blueberry

And a little Justin Trudeau Kush my guy called it

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ILGM Granddaddy Purple and New York City Diesel

ILGM Super Skunk - Exile of Skunk Street! She was in a tent until about a month ago but sadly in inferior soil and wasn’t doing well. She’s rebounded outside in the sun and with a proper dosing of EVERYTHING! LOL!
Her shoots were super stiff - excess silica in the soil? and wouldn’t train very well. First attempted bend for LST resulted in a snapped off shoot. Taped it up and took her out. I wouldn’t Tarzan swing on it, but the shoot recovered nicely! :smiley:

Happy Harvest Time Everyone!!


I’m in love. Teeach me

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They slowed down some


Hi, Your image didn’t upload

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I repostedit😎

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Not big enough apparently 🤷

ilgm super skunk

@Mr_Wormwood I do believe you are spot on about the legalization here in NY. Hence, I added the new fence. I think you’re right tho ( or at least hope) about cops enforcing it.

Officer: How many plants?

Mean ass neighbor - about 5

Officer: working on the murder downtown, we’ll get back to you…


@Cookiemonster81 dropped seeds on Feb. 14th. No big secret, just had a long veg cycle.

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lookig real nice,the trellis is spot on!!! another great lakes great :grin:

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Local strain “blueberry” photoperiod


Hello all. I know this thread is for outside grows, but if u don’t mind I would like to add a few pics of my maui wowie in my tent.

Maybe first week of October. my first grow.


First outdoor grow. Had to keep her low and out of site. Put her out the first week of may and in about the third week of of flower.


Love gold leaf ,TASTY

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@beachglass not good. I think you are running out of room for tricomes on those flowers and sugar leaves. just kidding…holy f@#k batman, that’s gonna be some dank smoke right there! great job on the finish. I presume you are checking tricomes for all cloudy and and some amber? I’d say just by looking at the pics you posted you may be closer that October but tricomes will tell the tale.

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@beachglass it’s an outdoor thread can’t ya read, lol? Plenty of threads for little itty bitty tent pics.