How big are your ladys in august? Lets see them!

I like each and everyone of them who contributed to the “Outdoor” tag": They all look like they are doing great and right on time! I only have one outdoor photo going…,My autos (batch # 1) Is curing…Batch # 2 Is in seedling stage… I should post my only photo *I guess?..


awesome pic…

Some real beauties here
My little girls are not in this league


Mid August Great Lake Girls !!
5’6" wire cages hope it stays dry and warm.2 short girls are autos the rest , gold leaf, Skywalker OG, Bruce banner, White widow,
Photos shot from opposite corners.


Damn you have a freaking orchard of weed


thanks,Cages and drip system,12 plants for me 12 for neighbor,autos were a buddy’s,still don’t think I like em thou,kinda stuck in my ways


Looking nice,Outdoors is the way if you have the opportunity,

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Yeah I’m done with autos when Gary 3.0 gets chopped


Photos are the way for me even indoors, outside no comparison …unless you got a real short season,these were started April 20,put out
On May 20

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Let’s see her :grin:

My auto took forever to get going and now is flowering at about 3 feet and the bud sites look tiny to me. I’m hoping she will surprise me and bulk up a lot, but I’m afraid she gonna be stingy with her yield

Post the photo! Share with the class

Growing is legal in ny now.up to 6 plants.


:crossed_fingers: nj gets their act together and moves the home grow bill thru the houses…


I’m more worried that the FEDS wont join the legal states.

Ice and Sfv


I believe the law states that one year after the first dispensary makes its first sale, then it will be legal (6 months after if you have a med my card)
but by the same token, I asked a cop about it and he said they are doing nothing about it as long as you are under the limit stated by that law


South eastern Ontario. All bag seed. Seeds dropped Feb. 14th.
Moved outside 2nd week of May.
The one in the last pic started being flushed today. Will chop her in 7-14 days. Took a lot of sugar leaves off her today. Yeah yeah yeah!
I know.
Was really looking for early bud rot. I cut that shit out. So sacrificing some tri’s, but trying to salvage what’s good.
Anyways, I’m happy with this season’s efforts by myself, and all my peers on this forum. What a great place to spend saturday afternoon, just chilling by the pool having a cold one…
and of course some “oh my god is that marajuana? I can’t believe you smoke” cannabis. Anyways peace out and all be safe :v:


These are awesome !!! How is it that they are so far along ? Mine just started flowering

G13 and Blueberry Cheesecake