How big are your ladys in august? Lets see them!


Nice looking Nugs !!

Yours too!!

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Lol I love growing Marijuana…

I hate not being able to grow Marijuana

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2 of my ladies that got chop. I started them June 27th


It looks like they got started late and I would move it in side if ur in up state ny its going to be getting cold out side

Hahaha there in my garden.not an option.&luckily its 80° here still.ill be harvesting this wk.

I wasn’t able to start one out but I’m hoping too next year for now I’ve gotten a tent and so far so good for meno more hidding trying to grow :sweat_smile:

It’s been a lot of fun&I learned a ton for my first yr of growing.4 8f.t white widows,all healthy.

Damn sounds real good i have 6 og mix growing only like 2.5 feet so far i started mid August once I get this grow done im hopping I get a bigger settup to grow double the amount

Me: My photo is chopped,cropped and waiting for the drop… :grinning:…My experimental Autos are growing quite good for not having all that much sun as the first crop…

I have a crapy $80. Hydro system so I can start my plants eary.
I love growing outside mostly.

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Lol same here! My plants look like puny dwarves compaired to the GIANTS people are growing. The last 2 years i had plants over 10FT tall but i cant seem to get the bushy width even trying different methods like LST, Topping, etc. Different strains and all of that. Its all part of the learning journey since there is SOOO much to learn about growing its mind boggling at times. For a 5gal bucket that plant doesnt look bad at all, i have 20 gal fabric pots and some are about that same size with perhaps a little thicker trunk but around the same yeild. Dont get discouraged it is a process and many people dont get to make it to harvest and get wiped out by rippers or bud rot (my biggest issue at the moment) and PM which is a daily battle which im loosing LOL. Keep it green!

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Yeah I know that the suffering is real but those weren’t in 5 gallon buckets that was a 20 gallon bucket inside of a 30 gallon bucket and was only in there for maybe 3 weeks and was totally root bound wish I had more time outside. But hey there’s always next year outdoors right. Keep on green growing and as always stay lit!!!

And thankfully no rippers. I’ve found so many other people’s grows this year just being in the woods cause I hunt and there have been a lot of beautiful girls out there but I would never peel someone else’s hard work by no means that’s just a shit move and karma is a mutha f_ck!!!

A few Goldleaf tops
Pennywise, 1:1 THC/CBD


Those look AMAZING!!! Congrats!

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::drooling_face::drooling_face: great job

White widow still growing outside in my greenhouse. Almost done.


Good thing for greenhouses, I still had 2 LA Confidentials that I’ve just got started on, and it’s going to drop into the 30s the next couple nights. By the way nice flowers.