How big are your ladys in august? Lets see them!

My White Widows at about 5’. These have been trained quite hard to keep the height down and the location is less than ideal both for the weather and the amount of sun. But they are doing well. Let’s hope for a dry autumn and no early frost.


Looks like you hit it outta the park , your plants are beautiful :+1:


That time again




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All of you are lookin good!!..Im into harvest soon ( Like @First says even though its NOT August…lol

…Got a few pics of my Romulan
![P1010054 (2)|666x500]

Thats the plant that I told y`all about that just decided :rofl: to bend and go “Bonsai” …Its my fault I didn’t support her!


Wow man looking great …first pics I’ve seen of your crop !! Awesome job!!

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Out of likes …but those probably make the local donkey jealous when he looks at his member …

Hahaha huge …nice colas

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Ha! its the first year I’ve put plants in the ground. I didn’t use much nutrients besides a small amount of flower nutes. Curious to see what happens when I decide to take better care next year…

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also, Thank youu

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My first harvest too

Pretty much can wave goodbye to dispo weed
I used the FF liquid and dry trios
Also cal mag …

Mine seriously came out :fire:

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I fed my plants cal mag through veg and then Tiger Bloom Buds and Blossoms just before flower started and the plants killed my expectation.

I also believe that for the foreseeable future I’ll grow my own. The hardest part about that decision for me has been deciding on new genetics!

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I agree with you !! I’m def going to grow as much of my own as I can !

I just let my med card expire. I’m hoping to get enough with this grow to supply me until next spring.

I cut off a bud from a lower branch, microwaved it and smoked it. A little harsh but it got me going this morning. It’s cool that I can smoke my own.


Oh yes I agree !! Awesome to be able to smoke what you grew and have it do the job !!

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@Lacewing Thanks man!..I decided to try my hand @ a photo along with my Autos this year… As I reported in an earlier post A few of my Autos got decimated by Caters ( My Skittlez ,My GSC) Ill try to post the plants and the harvest…I started a whole new experimental late crop on 8/1/21 Im going to test the limits of the “Ruderelis” in them…Here its still warm and dry it wont get really wet and cold for a while so?
@802grower Those colas look very tasty!! A lot of fuzzy trichs!! I wish I had ground to plant in Plants do really well in the right soil and can grow very big!

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Blue dream white widow and mowie wowie. It’s almost ready😊


That’s a beauty and a tall 1 on top of that

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Happy Croptober everyone :slight_smile: