How best to get humidity down?

M van Eck is in need of advice:

I have Led light so hardly any heat generated. I reside in uk. My tent temp is at 24 deg with a heater that switches on and off 24/7 if the temp drops. I have a humidity level of 56-60 % all the time unless I increase the heat to 28-32 deg. In flowering stage. Increased the air movement but still no luck to get humidity down
What else can I do bar for buying a de-humidifier

First, Welcome to ILGM,

Well ya a dehumidifier would solve al your problems.


While im a noob and dont know the full consequences of this(and dont want to give bad advice) something that helped me was to keep a FRESH, full cup of water in my grow, my space was just the right size for this to work for me as long as you avoid spillage and you dont overdo the cup size and create mold.

Putting water in a room if anything, would raise humidity as it evaporates.