How are your photos shaping up for harvest?

I’m in NJ harvested this Am


Looks like the girls are at a disco in there with those colored lights! Now all you need is a C02 fog machine, lol. They are looking good!


Makes sense. I topped my plants once, and did some defoliation, but nothing major. I’m more of the natural/organic gardening mindset, so I want to let the plant do it’s thing naturally for the most part. I do see how some pruning can help increase production or at least better quality buds (similar to how you would prune/train fruit trees or grapes say), so I think I’m going to try a little more next year.
If I do make a greenhouse, I like the hoop house design. Seems simple, cheap, and strong enough for my needs. I’m still undecided though. I really like growing outside with the natural wind and rain and sun. I just need to do a lot of staking support for the wind for the tallest plants.
Thanks for sharing the pic of your greenhouse!

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My pleasure. I’m working on a really cool drip system as we speak. I’ll be able to hang 1 gallon water jugs with social tops I made that will give them the gallon all around the soil set to drip over about 20-30 minutes. So it’ll be mix the 7 gallons I need… hook up each container and walk away.

Training is my favorite part.

Happy growing up there.

Great idea with the watering system. I haven’t needed to water many times this year as we had plenty of rain. And since I only gave them fertilizer a couple times, I haven’t needed to water for that reason either. But I love the idea of working smarter like that. Maybe a 5 gallon bucket with lines running to each plant.

These screw on to their respective jugs and just hang on holders. Taps are closed when I’m holding the jugs so they don’t drip when I flip them over… open the tap to my flow marks and away they go

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Congrats too All who showed us your babies BIG Babies…!!

I like big buds and I cannot lie…


Here’s my G13 and blueberry cheesecake both are about 3 to 4 weeks from being done. Growing it up in NorCal :sunglasses:🪴:sunglasses::+1:t3::heart::100:


Blueberry Cheesecake


Very nice. Those look great! I need to figure out a letter way to support my plants. Had some branches break last storm. I think I’m going to try some type of netting like you’re using. I’ve been using stakes and string, but that gets cumbersome once the plants reach a certain size.

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Yeah the cool thing about my setup is I can pull it apart and use it again next year nothing’s glued together It’s two separate layers of support as well so the second layer goes on after the plants go through that first layer. The netting will be replaced each year because once you’re harvesting that kind of goes to crap lol :100::heart:🪴🪴:grin:

Im not close to harvest yet but Ill throw some pics up for fun…

This is a Lebanese landrace.

There are 2 plants along this wall, the closest is a Tashkurghan and is sporting pink girly hairs! The rear plant is a Balkh and its flowers havent really decided what color to be yet.


What size are the squares? 6 inches? Does the netting interfere much with defoliation or harvesting? Must not be too bad since lots of people use the netting.

Great grow! I like the way you tied the branches up to the ceiling. I guess that’s one advantage of growing in a greenhouse. Tying branches to stakes works ok for most plants, but it’s hard to get the job done with stakes when the plants are over 6 or 8 feet tall and outside in the wind and rain.
I love the pic taken from above the plant. Great perspective on its size. How tall it the greenhouse? Looks pretty big. 15 ft at the top?

Thanks! Yeah close its 12 feet… and usually I end up bending plants a bit. Never grownt the Lebanese so I had no idea what to expect with its growth habits.

Yes they are 6-in squares, And if you can tell it’s open on the bottom so I defoliated a bunch before I put the first layer then defoliated again before I put the second layer. Now I can still get to pretty much any part of the plant np. When the plants feel that support they focus on bud growth :grin:🪴:grin:🪴:grin:

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Pink kusk x chemdog


I’m on my first grow and I can’t imagine trimming that. I’d hire a landscaper


Coming along very nice. Love the funky shape it’s growing in. Where are you growing? I see windmills in the back. Very cool. I find the slow rotation of the blades very relaxing. I’m in the forests of Maine, so no windmills here, but there’s a giant cell phone tower on the property next to me with an osprey nest on top. Fun to watch them coming back with fish.

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Im out in the middle of nowhere in illinois. Yeah we have wind mills all over around here. Its actually become a nuisance with how many they build out here. The whole sky lights up with red blinking lights at night. We have had alot of heavy wind and rain that made the plant essentially LST itself. I tried to fix it but it hardened up in that shape.

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