How are your photos shaping up for harvest?

Anyone want to share pics of your plants getting close to harvest time?

I’ll share some grow pics. I’m in New England, and this is my second year growing for my wife’s medical use. Last year I got started late and grew in pots, and I wasn’t impressed with the results. This year I got the seeds started early and planted directly in the ground. I found a spot with excellent soil, and the growth the year is phenomenal by comparison. Five of the plants are taller than me with two of them (ACDC CBD) over 11 ft tall. Anyone else grown ACDC before? Buds are also developing nicely. Here’s hoping for a big harvest!

Hope everybody is having good success so far!

[For size comparison I stood up an 8 ft wooden post next to the plants in my photos. The okra plants in the front of the one pic are about 4 ft tall.]


Looking good. I’m getting close to harvest, with photos. But indoor.

Those are straight up trees!! Gorgeous! My grow is indoors as well, nowhere near those sizes.


My 2 ladies getting close


Very nice looking buds! I’m hoping mine fill out more before it’s time.


It’s said they gain the most mass and weight in the last few weeks …not sure if it’s a standard thing or varies a bit …but your probably gonna fatten up much more before too long …

That’s going to be a lot of work harvesting …but we’ll worth it …
I also trimmed a few times and gave her some Bloom Boosters
I have sampled some already that has been dried and cured for 2 weeks and it blew my mind …and it was basically all larfy underdeveloped buds …so I’m pretty excited

If you need help in trim jail …my fee is 1z per day and I’m totally terrible at it !!! Hahaha joking

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My wife is the one using the flowers, so I think I’ll put her in trim jail, lol. But I do appreciate the offer. Hard to pass up. :slight_smile:

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That’s a beautiful sight to see plants look very happy.

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Being new to cannabis growing, I’ve been wondering if photo period plants all mature at approximately the same time in the Northern hemisphere based on having the same equinox and solstice dates. Does a plant in Florida mature at roughly the same time as one grown in Canada? Anyone know about this?

I believe the farther north you go the earlier a cannabis plant will flower

In the northern hemisphere, that should be true. It’s all about the hours of darkness.

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So I’m growing in Maine and it looks like my plants won’t be ready to harvest until maybe mid-October. Where are you guys growing and when do you harvest your photo periods?

I found this outdoor grow calendar on the ILGM site (should have done my homework first), and it sounds like October is harvest time for both the Northern states and Southern states. Obviously the temperatures in Alaska in October are different than Arizona, so it surprises me that the maturity of the plants in both areas would be more or less the same.

G your garden is beautiful! Those are going to fatten up a ton.

Massachusetts garden down here…


Northern NY have about 2-3 weeks left for this local Blueberry strain


Wow, your plants look great with nice fat buds. I didn’t do much training, so I wonder how much different that makes. Some people let them grow naturally, others mutilate their plants into submission.

Did you make a greenhouse with pallets, pvc, and plastic? That’s awesome. Can you show how it turned out? I’m thinking of making a greenhouse next year to protect the plants more than anything, but it will need to be tall to accommodate 11-12 ft plants or I’ll need to train the plants to not grow so tall. Just looking for greenhouse ideas.

Those look great! Are you growing in a bog/marsh? That would be perfect for not needing to water it seems.

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You nailed it. Pallets PVC and plastic. It’s not the shape I want long term but it went up quick before a couple storms and I won’t fix it till these girls are done.

The big one is a topped clone which I haven’t done too much more than lower defoliation with min to mod pruning up top. I don’t leave straggly branches that will turn into fluffy crap or anything in the armpits that won’t breathe. The blueberry seed was topped and super cropped x2 and left in the ties. She was perfectly symmetrical before the last wind storm knocked her over and twisted things.

So now I have the taller girls in holes dugout larger than their pots to get them below ground level so my decreased plastic height is a non-issue.

Just considering NY, I would imagine harvesting in Montauk very different than in Lake Placid. Not to mention strain differences.

I’ve always figured the plants outdoors would flower based on a shortening day length and perhaps other climate considerations that indicate winter is coming. It certainly seems like the equinox is too late to start where I live.

So these are indoors. Seven weeks of flower as of today.