How are they looking ?@

I have 2 tents going here all on the same cycle. Germinated 5 weeks ago and planted on 5/22/22. In the 2x4 tent I have one runtz and one gg4, both grown in soil in 7 gallon grow bags. The other tent is a 5x5 and that has 4 plants in dwc hydro medium in 5 gallon buckets with no reservoir. 2 runtz and 2gg4. I plan to put a scrog screen up. I’m just looking for some community input. How far from flowering ? Is the 5x5 ready for a scrog screen . Any advice for defoliation?

Don’t be shy please this is only my 2nd Grow.


Shot in 2x4 from above scrog screen.

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Looks really good! Keep it up!!!

you are doing just fine…not sure you need anyone’s advice on your grow …trust your gut

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Thanks for that, your absolutely right !

What temperature do most people keep there environment at for dwc grows . I’ve been keeping the tent at 73-78. Is that ok or should I turn the ac down a little bit?

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those are good numbers if you can stay in that range she will grow very well…73 at night and 78 awake are perfect IMHO

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Depends, auto’s or photo’s?

1)Dont take more then 1/3 total leaves at any one time
2) always defoliate and feed on the same day, haircuts are stressful and having ready access to nutes helps reduce the stress.
3) get some lst done on those girls and you may not even need to defoliate.
4) remember that fan leaves are engines for growth, they are the solar panels of your plant…be selective, try bending and training leaf out of the way of bud sight, instead of removing it, if possible.

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Keep it up! They look good and healthy!

Nice work! Keep up the good work!

Thank you everyone for the kind words. The amount of community support on this forum is unreal. Very grateful!