How are they looking

21 days after transplant. Ffof soil, just started grow big neuts @1/2 tsp/gal. Are they looking ok??


They look pretty good. Some purple/redish leaf stems but maybe strain? Or ph is off?

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How are they looking?

I dunno? Where are their eyes and what are they looking at?


PH going in 6.5 after neuts and adjustment
runoff last tested 6.7. I’m wondering if the tall one (1st pict) is a male? Nodes very far apart as opposed to the others. They are a Dutch strain.


I have never used that kind of soil, I use pro mix and high pressure aeroponic hydro so I keep my ph around the 5.7 mark. If that soil is like pro mix, u will need to drop ur ph dwn like mine. Pro mix is a soilless medium so it is better with a lower ph range the same as hydro
Ph numbers.

If u dont have already, that is a ph chart for hydro and soil
I would still try to get ur runoff to 6.5 tho and see if that helps abit.
But they do look good so dont change much untill someone using the same soil adds some info :wink:


According to your chart I’m dead on at 6.5 going in.this is soil not hydro.

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Node spacing a little far for my taste but look good

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6.5 in What does it come out at?

Last tested runoff at 6.7

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You should add at least 1/2 tsp Tiger Bloom to the next feeding. Plants still need P in veg.
What ff nutes do you have? Maybe I should ask, how many of them?

I have the FF trio. Currently just using Grow Big @1/2 tsp/gal last feed. I have the Tiger Bloom but thought it should wait until just before the flip??? Thought to add the Big Bloom next feed or am I wrong?? (Still a greenpee ) Need all the help I can get! LOL

You can add big bloom every feed. There’s not really much in it. I wouldn’t touch tiger bloom until you switch.

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And those ppm numbers are on the 700 scale. So convert from .7 to .5 on this chart and that’s the correct ppm. Example: if you’re reading 1000ppm on your tds meter it’s 1400ppm on fox farms scale.

You may want to use this one

Good catch @BobbyDigital Been a while since I used ff nutes, I meant Big Bloom

I get them mixed up all the time. Have to check the nutrient value before I add. Not sure why they named it big bloom.

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I had to put 1 2 3 on the bottle caps


Whew! Though I f- ed up.

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Should I consider “thinning” out some of the very fat leaves (light pentitration ), or just “leave” them alone for now???

Bit of de foliating never hurt my plants in fact it always made them better

Not sure if too early, 3 wks past transplant. They look healthy too me, but what do I know LOL. Will have to cull at least one of them as 3 in my 2x4x5 tent I think is too crowded. All input appreciated as this is my 2nd grow, 1st grow set up correctly IE good soil,lights,nuts, pH control, etc. Waiting for signs of sex.
How soon can I expect to see signs of sex???