How are they looking?!?! ww auto

Should i chop the colas and let the light get to the rest?
Or just let them fly

You are over thinking it. You have 3 plants. Take the most ready looking cola off one. Let the rest go another week. You could even sledgehammer one, and straight water for the rest. Try diff things. Like MyFriend said. U have to finetune ur own best style


My gut says take the first plant. Take the colas off the two, just to open up thr canopy.

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Is it true, if you flush, let them eat there stores and drop the light schedule. Ive dropped 4 hours of light in the last week

Would it hurt to let them all go, and make the reqdy one sleepy med.??

Keep to your light schedule. When you’ve decided to harvest, use Sledgehammer or Florakleen followed by low TDS water while monitoring runoff. When runoff TDS falls below your target (for me in soil is 300 ppm, coco and hydro under 100 ppm) then you are ready for darkness. I try to give 36 hours prior to harvest: this supposedly causes residual salts to collect in root ball. Cut plant down from a dark room or tent. I always recommend a bud wash in peroxide and water: 1 cup of 3% in 5 gallons for 6 to 8 minutes. You’ve never smelled better cannabis.

What if i dont have that powdery stuff. I like the prior info

Washing out the tricoms??? But ive looked into bubble hash crazy that jazz

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A lot of climates allow for White Powdery Mildew. You may find it in your flower. It’s endemic here but this process does so well and is so benign that it’s perfect for removing all kinds of environmental crap. This was one indoor plant:

Peroxide does not interact with THC or any cannabinol. It does remove human skin cells and hair and bug parts and dust and you-name-it. I prefer to smoke clean flower that keeps longer in the jar as fresh cannabis and all of the terpenes right out front.

But that’s just me haha.

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He aint lying. It doesnt effect potential negatively at all. Even enhances the terps a bit. Much cleaner smoke. Just make sure to dry thoroughly

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The last WWA I harvested got a peroxide bath. Very straight forward. Peroxide wash in one 5 gallon pail. Another 2 - 5 gallon pails for first and second rinses. I hung them over a large plastic storage container to drip dry. The buds have been curing for 2 months. They smell great, look great and even feel softer. Maybe it was the fabric softener (kidding).

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Fwiw I’m currently finishing up some auto Chem OG. I’m at the point of pH’d RO water and using flawless finish - I believe it’s called @ 8ml/gal. I keep pH in range and add water only for the next week.

What if in hanging a whole plant?

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Let those pistols / hairs darken while buds fatten up some more check in five days. My guess without seeing thrichomes up close.

Started my last watering yesterday. Now wait that week into that 48 hr dark. I dont know how much longer to wait. I know its never accurate on the package. Thatll be 12 weeks when id harvest

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Twelve weeks is not unheard of I’ve gone Abit over 14 weeks once on an auto. How about Wed or Friday harvest then. Looks great.