How are they looking?!?! ww auto

They look a little behind each other. One cola is as fat as my wrist. The first is all purpe and frosty. The rest not so frosty. But they are sharing a 3x3x7 tent. Already mad crowdedAlmost looks like two diff strains. Im going into week 11. Should i flush? Sledgehammer then all ph water from there?


White Widow is a funky strain. But those buds look mouthwatering. Excellent work so far!

Your buds with the orange pistils (under the pretty foxtails) look swollen. Try to check your trichs on those. If you see cloudy everywhere, sledgehammer her butt. If its clear just go water for a week or so

Do u have a full plant pic?

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Yup cloudy most places, one looks way ahead. I was gonna sledgehammer this feed, tomorrow. Then ph water from there on out. Every time im at 2 week. Its 2 more. Inwas gonna cut one down and closet dry, let the other two purple up,or at least brown more pistles. Can deff use the space in the tent… NO AMBER ,even on the mad advanced one. Should i let that turn mad amber(seems it would first)


The first pic, is all purple and sweet. Same tricoms thou, “for the most part”

Maybe she’s just a cloudy trich thrower. @Myfriendis410 had one recently refused to throw ambers

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The one is FAT like forearm size. Harvest all at once or take thr far more advanced and cut that one. Or just let that one go far and let the others catch up

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There at 11 weeks come wed.

I don’t generally look at trichomes any more. Usually the plant is pretty upfront about being ready to harvest lol.

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Guess not you… :man_shrugging:t5: Ill remember one day

What do you think on the harvest

What upfront do you mean. One seems to dictate the others readiness. Im ot sure

Can tomorrow when i flush. This is the first flush ever even thou im so far along

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I’d flush and let it go another week at least. She should be really plump and ripe w darkened pistols.

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I like to support a plant all the way through the grow and when you get to where the plant is going to be at peak and just going downhill: that’s what I want. Once you’ve grown a few dozen plants you’ll see what I’m talking about. @PurpNGold74 knows.

Besides, you can usually tell naked eye when trich’s are cloudy: all the sparkle is more like flour dusting than sugar dusting.

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@PurpNGold74 how far out till you sledgehammer that jazz

Whats ur method? Ive heard sledgehammer than water last week or so

The one is ohhhh so dusty. The other 2. Meh. Should i chop that one or lwt them all do there thing another 2 weeks

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I’m not advocating you go by what I do for determining when to chop: my situation may be different from yours. The safe bet is to get a loupe and look at them to determine. If not stable, clip a few tiny samples from several spots–calyxes only. No sugar leaves which mature more quickly.

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The tricoms look the same. But its like ones blue the other 2 are that lime green thats its supposed to look like.

Should infeed again or just flush