How are they looking? 1 month old

Just wanted to see how people think they are looking. They are just under a month old! Appreciate any feedback or comments, thanks! using an led 1000watt roleandro with no nutes added just Foxfarms Happy frog soil.


Look good, take some pics with the LEDs off so we can see the colour of the plants and see any potential problems. Looks like your close to top of FIMing if your planning on it.


I have topped the first one and one other
as well as fimmed!

Looking nice and healthy!

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@IlovemyKushers253 they look healthy nice work! Did you cut the tips off some of its fan leaves?

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Looking good so far.

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I cut off the ends that were slightly burned. Idk if it was Nute burn or light to close.

Thank you!

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Appreciate it!

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Are they clones? Why are the leaves clipped?
They look great though. Just an observation

My idea was to cut off the bad tips lmao but no they are not clones! This strain is Platinum Garlic Mints :v:

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The burnt tips of the leaves are just a sign on nute burn. You can leave them alone and pluck the whole leaf of after new nodes grow. Snipping the burnt tips off may make the plant look nicer but you unnecessarily stressing the plant out. They look healthy though. Keep up the good work

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Appreciate the advice my man! I won’t cut off tips now and will wait till I see new node growth then just cut the whole thing makes a lot more sense!

No problem. You want to either cut the leaf as close to the stem as you can. I prefer to pinch them off with my fingers. If you use scissors use rubbing alcohol so your plant doesn’t get sick.