How are these nummbers?

Hey all. I have my WWA from ILGM goin here. I got some readings for my TDS and not sure how to interpret them. I probably should have started a journel but here are some particulars. Growing in soil FFOF, two LED grow lights, about 380 watts from the wall between the two. 3 x 3 grow space. Fans and ventalation. Anyway i ph tap water in at about 6.3 and my tds reads 2354, 2377, and 2533. Been giving them ff trio on a every other water sched. About every 3 or 4 days. Also using flower fuel, anyone have experience using that stuff? Are those numbers good or bad.

Here’s the feeding schedule
Are you feeding it according to this? Full strength? Those numbers are high according to the schedule.

No ive been going half strength.

I just noticed the flower fuel part. It’s 1-34-32 or something isn’t it? What stage are they in? If it were me and your not in flower I’d drop the flower fuel and flush and retest to see what I got with ffof and trio.

Yeah i should have mentioned they are in wk 4 of flower.

Well that’s crazy. What scale is your ppm meter

Dont know have that answer. I looked at the meter i got off amazon no info. I just catch some run off and measure right? Seems like alot of debree for a total desoved solids measure.

Your meter is likely on the .5 (Hanna) scale. You can check this by testing ppm and then switch to ec.

Example, if you see 1500ppm, switch to ec and it should be close to 3.0 if the meter is Hanna. The ec will be closer to 2.1 if it’s on the .7 scale.


And this is the fox farms chart I converted from .7 scale to .5 scale. If your meter is .5 scale, use the ppms on this schedule

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Apprieciate all the advise but it seems this cheap ass tds meter doesnt do ec.

So lets asume my numbers are high. What needs to be done to bring them down? Flush? I just fed them will i drown them? Can i just roll with it and let them dry out.

Pressing the mode button should cycle between ppm, ec and temp. I would flush them down to between1200-1500

Oh right…im such a noob lol. Sounds like project. I will do that asap.

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