How are these looking? Week 7

Hey all, one is short and bushy the other is tall and stringy, maybe stretched?
Have been feeding 1/4 strength tiger bloom every other watering. Leaves starting to yellow and die ar the base? Taller one seems like flowers aren’t very full too… it’s a zkittles auto.

Tall one first

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Looks leggy, but okay.

Don’t worry about the lower leaves yellowing. It is normal.

Ok! Thank you! They are outside and it’s been 100+ the past few days so I didn’t know

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Looks good. You can pull off the yellow leaves.
Happy gardening

You’re in good hands. Make sure not to leave the dead leaves sitting on the soil tho, unless using a super soil. It’s just asking for trouble.

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Thanks for the tip. Yellowing is getting a little more spread out. New growth looks ok. Other than on the leggy one the buds are a little small.

Side note question if anyone knows. The tall one, the pistols are already turning brown? Is that normal? I haven’t check the trichs, no loupe yet, but I don’t think they are developed enough to be turning brown?